Coconut Grove Sailing Club



About Us

Our Experience

Twelve solid years for our Ocean Consulting team in the environmental consulting and coastal engineering business. Our experience and expertise solely and uniquely in the niche marine industry & marine environment of Florida, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Americas (and beyond) - will help you achieve your waterfront development objectives. 

Our Services

Our services will always focus on Client-first & Client-driven goals and timelines. 

Ask us about: 


  • Marina & Docking Facility Design & Permitting
  • Seawall & Bulkhead Options
  • Single-Family Home Docks
  • Dredging & Turbidity Monitoring (NTUs) & Turbidity Control
  • Coastal Engineering Projects
  • Coral Relocation, Transplants, & Monitoring
  • Seagrass Mitigation Design, Implementation, & Monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Boatlift Design Options
  • Temporary Marine Events & Parties - Design & Permitting
  • FEMA Mapping & RE-Mapping

Why Us?

With 12 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects, we are a multi-faceted and diverse group of scientists, engineers, and architects. We apply outside-the-box, aggressive thinking to new and on-going waterfront projects. We apply these strategies to quickly solve complex waterfront challenges, both for waterfront developers and for environmental restoration & mitigation efforts.